Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse
Daily Specials
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 Hibachi Entree
 Daily Specials
 Sushi Specials
Daily Specials
Sunday to Thursday

Daily Specials
Served with 3 pc Appertzer Shrimp,Chicken Broth Soup, Salad,Fried Rice, Noodle,Grilled Vegetables,Banana and Exotic Sauces.
Shrimp & Lump Crab Cake17.98
Ribeye Steak & Lump Crab Cake19.98
Ribeye Steak & N.C FLOUNDER19.98
Shrimp & Salmon17.98
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Sushi Specials
Power Ranger Roll9.98
Fish and Shrimp Top of Crab Roll
Crunchy Crunchy7.98
Crab Meat,Avocado,Spicy Mayo,Sweet Soy Sauce, crunchy Fried Style
Tokyo Tower Roll9.98
3 piece of crispy fried Jumbo Shrimp, California Roll, Spicy Mayo,Eal Sauce.
Hawaiian Paradise Roll9.98
Mango, Kiwi, Tuna, Salmon and Avocado.
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